The curriculum at Newport CE Primary School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the National Curriculum. It is designed to be purposeful and varied with links to children’s first-hand experiences. We adapt the curriculum and our teaching approaches to meet the needs of each group of learners at our school.


More information about the statutory content of the curriculum can be found via the following links:



For more information about our school curriculum, click on the links below. Please note, we are currently in Year B of our curriculum.  




Phonics and Reading at Newport CE 


MATHS at Newport CE 

How we teach maths at Newport CE 

Calculation Policy


Key Stage 1 DISCOVERY (Years 1&2)


Lower Key Stage 2 DISCOVERY(Years 3&4)


 Upper Key Stage 2 DISCOVERY (Years 5&6)



RE at Newport CE is taught in blocked units and follows the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus. The syllabus reflects the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, whilst taking account of the teachings and practices of the other principle religions. It is not designed to convert pupils, or to urge a particular religion or religious belief on pupils. 

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