School Houses

The children and staff are allocated into one of four house groups, These grouping arrangements may be used for events such as sports day or worships and as an organisational structure for other activities within the class. Each House has a variety of captain positions and the pupils selected work together with their House to encourage the community spirit, friendly competition and offer peer support.


House points (DoJo points) will be given to promote and encourage good learning and behaviour for a variety of reasons which include:

  • Children who demonstrate our learning values of resilience, teamwork and independence
  • Children who demonstrate our church values of love, trust and hope 
  • Children exemplifying positive behaviours
  • To reward and celebrate good work
  • Children who are ready to help
  • To those who collaborate well with others


Our School’s four houses are named after four beautiful mythical creatures chosen by the children.



                                     Griffin            Phoenix          Dragon               Unicorn



                                 Griffin                          reliable, trustworthy, protector, clever

                                 Unicorn                       proud, intelligent, empathetic, peaceful

                                 Phoenix                       honest, loyal, creative, smart       

                                 Dragon                        brave, wise, strong morals,