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Newport CE Primary School

Our Values

 At Newport CE Primary our aim is to ensure Christian values are truly at the heart of everything we do at our school. We believe it is important to nurture and develop the core values by which we live and which help us develop a moral and spiritual awareness. We explore the meanings of our core values and their significance through weekly acts of collective worship led by staff and visitors to our school.

The gifts of Endurance, Fellowship, Compassion and Peace are the values we want our children to leave with. Whilst these gifts are all human values, we try to anchor them into the Christian faith by relating them to the Bible through stories and readings. 



Endurance is a recognition that life is sometimes difficult and painful, and that it is important not to give up in the face of adversity. 


Fellowship expresses the quality of relationship within the Christian community. It is based on fellowship with Jesus. Through him, Christians become sons and daughters of God and therefore brothers and sisters of each other. 


Compassion is putting yourself in someone else's shoes and experiencing what they experience. This leads to a desire to act, to do something. 


Peace means harmony, stability and security within a community. It refers to relationships based on truth and righteousness, where people flourish because they are nurtured.