Endurance, Fellowship, Compassion and Peace

Executive Headteacher's Message

I am delighted to welcome you to Newport CE Primary and share an overview of all our school has to offer.

Our talented and committed staff team strive to provide the highest quality learning opportunities, with the aim of ensuring every child both enjoys and achieves highly throughout their time with us.

As a church school we recognise that every child is unique, and that our core purpose is to create a nurturing learning environment based on Christian values such as:

‘Endurance, Fellowship, Compassion and Peace’

In doing so we help each child to grow as a person; spiritually, socially and academically.

Our curriculum is designed to develop the key skills of literacy and numeracy alongside a range of ‘discovery learning experiences which offer the children the chance to become a ‘scientist, historian, geographer, artist, musician, actor, sportsperson, designer or computing expert’.  Our curriculum is enhanced with regular day trips, visiting experts, theatre groups, themed events and competitions, to name but a few.

We believe our role is to provide a rich set of experiences and challenges which allow each child to discover new interests, build their knowledge and skill, develop their talents and achieve a sense of success. 

We believe in partnership and know we will only be able to provide the very best for your child if we work together to ensure the very best outcomes. We have high expectations of every child in terms of behaviour, attitude and willingness to give their best in all they do. We recognise and celebrate achievements through a variety of school rewards – and share these with parents through celebration worships, newsletters and our very popular ‘Newport CE APP’.

Our open door policy ensures that parents can keep in contact, share achievements and if the need arise, discuss and resolve any concerns with the appropriate member of staff.


Katherine Marshall

Executive Headteacher